Healing the World, One Family at a Time!

God created the world before he established the family, 

but He must heal the family before He will heal the world!


Biblical truths to reveal the identity and purpose of man.

Who we are, and why we were created by God, can be found in the Word of God.  Wholeness comes when we understand who we are as a person, who we are in our family and why God has birthed, or engrafted us, into our families. 


Relationships to promote

unity and growth.

Unified and growing relationships is the result of purposeful fellowship overtime.  These types of fellowships allow the sharing of experiences, knowledge, gifts and strategies ensuring that everyone is attached and flourishing.


The power of God to produce life-altering change.

Lives are forever changed when the power of God is manifested at every gathering of and encounter with the people of God.  The power of the Holy Spirit brings healing, deliverance, and restoration to the whole man: spirit, soul, and body.