Pastors Tim and Mia Thomas have been married for more than 30 years.  They have grown together in their marriage and in their ministry. To their union, God has blessed them with four children: Ashley (Lee), Candace, Charity, and Timothy II.  They also have seven grandchildren: Elizabeth (Caleb), Lee III (Rebecca), LeAndrew, Lucas, Cameron, Chloe and Caleb, as well as two great granddaughters, Rose Marie and Aliyah Rose.  They look forward to both their natural and Destiny family continuing to grow and flourish.


Pastors Tim and Mia have over 30 years serving as preachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pastor Tim also has a unique gift to teach the Word of God in a manner that brings clarity and relevance to all those who hear.  Pastor Mia walks in the office of the Prophet through a timely revelation of God’s word, His mind and His heart.  Together, God has equipped them to minister to the whole person in every facet and phase of their lives.